About Chrisna Brand RD (SA)


Who I am

A mom, wife and dietitian with a passion for health

Being a mom and a wife is my first and foremost profession – something of which I am very fond and proud. I am the mom of 2 beautiful girls. Being a mom two toddlers and having gone through the pregnancy, infancy phases with all it’s challenges helps me to understand and relate to other parents facing these life stages and changes.

I’ve always been very passionate about children and nutrition, and to combine these two has been a dream come true. I was very fortunate to further my career in the speciality field of paediatric dietetics and pride myself in keeping abreast of the latest research in this area. I have also consulted numerous amounts of preggie bellies as well as other adult clients.

My passion is enabling adults and children to make changes towards achieving a healthier lifestyle – giving both the necessary tools to do so.

I hence consult both adults and children.

My background and experience

Registered Dietitian with a special interest in Paediatrics and Maternity and also consulting adults

I am registered with the HPCSA and ADSA and a member of the GI foundation.

I qualified as a Dietitian at the University of Pretoria in 2002 after which I completed my Community Service year in Whiteriver in 2003. I continued to work in the government sector for a further six months but I was then bit by the overseas bug and left to visit the USA as a camp counsellor. In June 2005 I went on to live and work in the UK, where my career as a Paediatric Dietitian officially started.

I consulted children of all ages, from Prematurity through to adolescence as well as adults. Up to date, my experience has involved working in various settings in the UK such as hospitals, clinics, community centres and schools. I worked in all areas of Paediatrics which included: growth faltering, obesity, diabetes, gastro-enterology, allergies, neurodevelopment delays, fussy eating, prematurity, autism, ADHD, paediatric intensive care, respiratory, surgical, haematology, oncology, neonatology, cardiology, feeding difficulties. I also worked in the areas of maternity and general adult dietetics.

Our family of three left the UK in March 2011 and I was a full time mom until I started LEAP Moms and Kidz in March 2012.

I now run a private practice on top of providing other services such as talks, courses and developing menus for pre-schools.

I have also been delivering workshops to Dieticians to update their knowledge in Paediatrics as a member of Dieticians at work since 2012.

I am  also a member of the Woolworths Dietician Network as part of the Making the Difference Programme where we provide talks in schools and supermarket tours to moms.