About LEAP

Who we are

What we stand for and what we want to achieve

LEAP: Lifestyle, Eat well, Activity and Parenting. The last three are all crucial components of a healthy lifestyle and what better way to start than right at the very beginning: Pregnancy and take it right through to adulthood!

Our aim is to empower both adults and children to make a start towards a better, healthier lifestyle!

Where it all started

Our history

LEAP Moms and Kidz was developed by myself, Chrisna Brand, as I earnestly want to enrich the lives of parents and children through improving the most important element of health: Nutrition!

LEAP originated as a group session approach but has since evolved to also include individual consultations and school based services. The group session-approach was adapted from various similar successful programs I ran in the UK and I found this to be a very useful medium for parent and children interaction and learning.