Our Programs

  • The LEAP Program


This program is a successful interactive group program, based on a UK model, developed by Dietitian Chrisna Brand and Psychologist, Jo Drury in order to help families make lifestyle changes to improve their health. on how to eat healthier and exercise more in a fun and practical way. It is focused on primary school aged children ages 7 to 13 and involves the child as much as the parent. The program is delivered in modules of either 2-hour weekly sessions for 8 weeks or 4 x 4-hour Saturday mornings.


  • A healthy lifestyle for Pregnancy and infancy


This program covers all aspects of nutrition during pregnancy, gaining the right amount of weight, losing it after pregnancy, nutrition during breastfeeding and all aspects of infant feeding including allergies, introduction of solids etc. Join this program during or before pregnancy.


  • A Healthy lifestyle for toddlerhood


This program aims to equip parents to painlessly steer through the challenging toddler years of finicky eating, temper tantrums, feeding related problems such as constipation and many more.


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